Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the shipping (delivery) time?

Shipping time depends on the destination country and on the product. Please allow between 5-10 business days to receive your product!

Will I get an email with my order details?

- Of course! We will send you an email as soon as your order has been placed summarizing all details. 

Can I track my order?

- Yes! We send everything including a tracking number where you can accurately track their order.

Can I cancel or change my order?
- The moment your order is placed, we send it to production, usually instantaneously! This guarantees fast delivery & efficient production times, but unfortunately leaves little room to fix any errors. So PLEASE make sure the shirt you checkout and pay for is the shirt you want! 
- Please verify that your shipping & billing information is 100% correct (no missing unit numbers!) before placing your order.
- If your shipping details aren't accurate, your order may be undeliverable or may be sent to an incorrect address. We are not responsible for any missing packages or lost items due to address issues.

Anything special when I wash and dry it?

- For all clothing products, we highly suggest using a cold cycle to wash. As far as drying, hang dry or machine dry is fine. Light heat.

My order won't go through, help!

- Ensure that the billing address you entered matches that of your credit card.

- Still not working? Try selecting PayPal as a payment method during checkout.

- If you're still having trouble shoot us an email and we'll help:

Can I get a discount?

- Yes! If you post a photo of yourself wearing our shirts on Instagram or Twitter, be sure to tag us (SwaggyCTV) and we'll provide a 25% discount to you.

Find us on social media!

We're on Instagram and Twitter under @SwaggyCTV.
How can I be featured on your social media pages or website?
  • Share a picture of you wearing a Swaggy C and be sure to tag us.

Did we miss something?

  • Email us at